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Thursday, 30/06/2022

Professional and expert tour guides, whose unique understanding of indigenous cultures and domestic landscapes, lends to the ultimate success of your tour. From both a travel agent’s and a consumer’s perspective, package tours provide a number of advantages, which often outweigh the disadvantages.

1. Cost saving and budgeting
The price of a trip when organised as a package is generally less as travel agencies bulk buy their package deals and therefore can sell the tours at a lower and more competitive rate. This is an instant cost saving benefit for the consumer, as the discount travel agencies receive is generally passed on to the consumer.

Also, as the tour often includes all meals or trips for example, this reduces any uncertainty about the additional costs and allows the consumer to budget properly for costs associated with their travel.

For example, if airport pick-ups or taxi transfers are pre-booked and paid for beforehand there is no potentially expensive surprise when travelling to the accommodation on arrival at the destination.

2. Responsibility Is On Operator

The lack of responsibility on the traveller is an advantage. If something goes wrong, e.g. a flight is delayed, resulting in the traveller missing a connecting flight, it is not the traveller’s responsibility to arrange a new ticket.

The responsibility lies with the airline or tour operator. In a certain respect, travellers can relax knowing if something goes wrong, someone else is there to solve the problem.

3. Convenience and Time Saving

This is definitely the most convenient way to arranging a vacation or tour. The travel agency deals with all the arrangements relating to airlines, hotels, transfers directly through the tour provider. This saves the consumer the effort and the time of contacting each company/service individually.

4. Social

This is frequently a main reason why people may opt to travel on a package tour. The chances of social interaction are higher, allowing the fostering of short or long term friendships.

People regularly choose a tour which ensures they are socialising with people of a similar age, for example, young people who like to party may opt for an 18-30 party group tour, some adults may choose to stay in accommodation which caters to the needs of children and will opt for a family tour or some people may choose to go on adult only tours to avoid children completely!

5. Quality of service

Tour operators (those who provide the travel agency with the tour package) spend a great deal of time assessing the airlines, hotels, sight-seeing operators etc, which they use to make up the tour package. By doing so they ensure a high standard of quality and the consumer can have peace of mind.

Tour companies are eager to meet their own business needs and so they ensure that the most frequented areas of interest (cultural or geographical) are included in their tour, thus meeting the needs of the consumer.

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