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6 things to do if your luggage is lost

Update day: 21/03/2023
If your luggage is lost, the airline and any insurance policies you have might reimburse you for daily expenses and the replacement value of your lost items, but taking action right away is essential. Here are 6 key actions to take if an airline loses your luggage.

Best time to visit Vietnam & weather

Update day: 21/10/2022
The weather and the best time to visit Vietnam vary enormously between the north and the south. Depending on where you want to spend most of your time, make sure you are prepared for the weather. Let’s explore the weather in Vietnam now!

Guide to travel insurance for your Vietnam trip

Update day: 30/09/2022
In many countries, purchasing and showing proof of a purchase for travel insurance is a must as you apply for your travel documents. As you get a visa for Vietnam, you are not required to present one. But do you need one? The answer is YES, you will greatly benefit from a wisely picked travel insurance.

Latest updates of Vietnam entry regulations

Update day: 30/09/2022
Vietnam has re-opened its border to foreigners and overseas Vietnamese who hold valid permanent residence cards, temporary residence cards, visas, and visa exemption certificates in compliance with the Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through and residence in Vietnam. VietAIR is constantly updating the latest entry regulations to help passengers conveniently look up and prepare themselves for a safe and smooth journey.

Vietnam e-visa - 7 things you should know

Update day: 30/09/2022
Vietnam e-visa (Electronic Visa) was officially launched in February 2017 and has drawn the attention of thousands of foreigners who wish to enter Vietnam. And here are some major issues that all foreigners should know to start applying for an e-visa to Vietnam.

Visiting Park Hang Seo’s Hometown With Air Busan

Update day: 30/09/2022
Air Busan – South Korea’s Low-Cost Airline Cooperate with Sancheong District – Park Hang Seo’s Hometown (the famous South Korean head coach of Vietnam). Promisingly, Vietnamese tourists have more options for travel when flying to South Korea.

What documents do you need to travel by plane?

Update day: 23/06/2022
What documents do you need to travel by plane is the worry of many people when traveling by this vehicle for the first time. Let's explore the list as well as the new regulations on documents when traveling by plane with VietAIR!

A traveller's guide to Vietnam's airports

Update day: 23/06/2022
Airports are often the first point of entry for travellers to Vietnam. Whether you are aiming for a smooth arrival in the country or want to prepare for a domestic flight, you can breeze through the process by reading up on this complete guide to Vietnam’s airports.

Notes you need to know about identification, check-in procedures and luggage before boarding

Update day: 18/02/2020
As soon as you book your flight, here are some things you must remember to avoid trouble at the airport due to lack of understanding. Let VietAIR record all the procedures related to your flight.
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